Joe Biden Proclaims 'Wafers' Are Infrastructure Because Everything Is Infrastructure

Everything is infrastructure. That’s been the lesson of the last several weeks, where Democrats have sought to stuff every left-wing want of the last two decades into their latest legislative monstrosity. The massive spending binge we’ve seen so far already has inflation setting in, and it’s going to get worse, but Kamala Harris gets to tweet “help is here” so it’s all good, I suppose.


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Yesterday, Biden himself got in on the act, holding up a “wafer” and proclaiming it to be infrastructure.

Who knew that daycare was infrastructure? I certainly didn’t because it meets no contemporary definition of the word. Ostensibly, words have meaning, but in the society Democrats seek, language is just a barrier to “progress.” Thus, you get these Orwellian shifts in which everything a left-winger wants suddenly meets a definition that makes it easier for them to get.

Still, a wafer is infrastructure? It’s obvious Biden has no idea what he’s even holding there. Heck, he probably didn’t even know where he was as he read the script his handlers dutifully produced for him. Meanwhile, I await the coming “fact-check” from the powers that be that shows semi-conductor slices are totally infrastructure because everything is infrastructure. This article is infrastructure.


Regardless, we should probably start paying attention to how all this ridiculous spending is going to affect normal people. Their savings are going to be devalued and the cost of living is going to rise across the country. You can’t just keep printing money while keeping interest rates bottomed out and think that it won’t lead to the dollar simply being worthless.

Biden’s tenure is already a disaster, and the only thing saving him right now is a completely artificial recovery as a result of lockdowns being lifted due to the pandemic. That won’t last forever. You can expect serious stagnation by the time the 2024 campaign gets going. But at least we’ll have our wafers, right?


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