Watch: Hundreds of Police Storm a Church in Shocking Video After Parishioners Try to Have Service

How insane has COVID hysteria gotten? Well, we’ve gotten a taste of that over the last year (see here and here), and in some places, it doesn’t seem to be receding anytime soon.


The latest example comes courtesy of Canada, which is ostensibly a nice place to live, at least if you like to live in a tyrannical police state. According to Ezra Levent of Rebel News, parishioners of a church in Edmonton attempted to tear down a fence and have service. The police responded like they were cosplaying as brown-shirts.

That’s over 200 police officers responding to some people trying to enter their church building. It’s the kind of thing that would look normal in a place like Iran or China. To see it happening in Canada is just a bit jarring, yet it’s not actually that surprising. The crackdowns on freedoms that happened over the course of this pandemic have been absolutely insane. It’s going to take a massive people-led effort to seize that control back from all-knowing bureaucrats and cowardly politicians.

The United States is hardly innocent in all this, though. There have been examples of police in places like New York breaking up religious gatherings. Further, as I wrote just a few days ago, four of the nine justices on the Supreme Court believe that it’s perfectly fine for a state to use discriminatory practices to stop churches from having services while allowing secular activities to happen. Thanks to President Donald Trump’s appointments, a slim majority was able to insert some sanity into the situation in California.


People everywhere are going to have to decide who they want ruling their lives. The government or themselves? Because the ever-encroaching hand of government tyranny isn’t going to stop, whether it’s Canada, New York, or even some red states. The time to stand up and say, “Stop,” is now before it’s too late.




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