Reporters Attack Police Chief in Minneapolis, Freak out Over Him Calling out Rioters

AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa

Yesterday, Daunte Wright was killed during an altercation with police in the Minneapolis area. Wright was being arrested for a prior warrant when he broke free and attempted to flee in the vehicle he was in. At that point, one officer discharged her firearm, apparently thinking it was a taser. You can see the bodycam footage below.

Obviously, the situation was tense, and mistakes were made if the shooting officer mistook her gun for her taser. She may or may not be looking at criminal charges for what appears to have been an accidental shooting.

What is clear, though, is that this shooting did not follow some mythical narrative about systemic racism or cops hunting black people. Thus, all the rioting that took place last night was completely unjustified (not that it would ever be justified, but you understand the point). Multiple businesses were looted and destroyed. One officer was smashed in the head with a brick and ended up in the hospital.

Despite the many videos showing the rioting, local reporters got really upset with the police chief today when he brought it up. Here’s a bit of the ridiculous exchange.

The chief was asked about what happened with the dispersal of the crowd. He rightly noted the protest had turned violent and that necessitated the use of tear gas. But the reporters in the room (who aren’t identified here) weren’t having it. They snapped, with one saying, “There was no riot,” when there was clearly a riot. Later, the chief was asked about protecting peaceful protesters. He pledged he would do that and another reporter snarked that he didn’t do that last night.

There’s no winning with these people. RedState has posted multiple videos of what happened following the shooting. It was not peaceful, and the police were within their rights to send everyone home. When the crowd refused to leave, started destroying property, and began to attack officers, the use of tear gas and other methods came into play and was justified.

But this is the kind of delusional stupor the left-wing press operates under in this country. They see narrative-building as more important than truth-telling. That’s a problem, and that many reporters have morphed into full-blown activists, up to and including denying rioting happened when it clearly did, shows how little credibility the news media currently have.

We’ll eventually find out exactly what the next step in this case is. What is obvious, though, is that the BLM narrative about a racist cop shooting was false, the rioting should have never happened, and reporters don’t get to make up their own facts.