Jim Acosta Complains About 'Post Trump Stress Disorder' to Brian Stelter, Then Really Goes Over the Slide

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It’s been clear that CNN and other liberal networks are out at sea without President Donald Trump in office to attack any more.

Their ratings have gone right into the dumpster, as well, without him to bash; their “Two Minutes of Hate” isn’t quite the same.


Brian Stelter even tried to push hating on Tucker Carlson as a declared, substitute hate object for Trump, but that didn’t seem to gain much steam, and Stelter’s effort fell flat.

So, what did Jim Acosta do when asked by Brian Stelter on ‘Reliable Sources’ what their lives and their coverage were like, now that it wasn’t all about Trump? What did they talk about? Trump.

Acosta claimed he had “post-Trump stress disorder.” He then said that they did news “pretty well” before Trump — and that they could cover news without him. But then immediately proved that he couldn’t by talking about Trump.

Plus, seriously? They equate their little temper tantrums about Trump and doing their jobs, badly, with actual post-traumatic stress disorder,… people who suffered real trauma in battle.

That’s the real problem; they’re desperately searching for ratings. Imagine if they actually did their jobs? Covered all the things going on with the border crisis, plus all the questions about Joe Biden. Of course, then they’d have to be real journalists and not Democratic operatives, so that might be a problem. But, Trump lives completely rent-free in their heads.


Acosta also complained about the hardship of taking the train from New York to Washington, D.C., which I guess was his way of pitching Biden’s infrastructure bill (with something like 5% infrastructure and 95% Democratic political agenda items).

Once again, talk about privileged. There are few things easier and simpler than that Acela train ride, I say, as someone who did it many times. Imagine the whining of the privileged — that’s truly Acosta here, when many people don’t have a job and he has a guaranteed job, despite what an awful job he has done at it.

But it’s always about him and on a larger scale, CNN. They’re always only about their narrative; they don’t get there’s a whole, big world out there beyond the Acela corridor that they don’t have the first idea about. I’m thinking that Jim Acosta’s comfort is not the thing that’s uppermost on any American’s mind.


Unfortunately, neither Biden nor Acosta seem very interested in the opinion of folks outside the corridor.

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