Kyrsten Sinema Blasts Ghoulish Responses to Her Former Intern's Death

(AP Photo/Bob Christie)

If you were to ask for opinions on Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema from those on the right, you’d get a wide variety of responses. Some like her style and others are indifferent while it bugs many that she’s spoken well of at all by conservative sites. But what is certain is that Sinema is currently standing in the gap to preserve the filibuster from the predations of her own party.

Given that, it behooves Republicans for her to hold fast and that means defending her when the trolls come out to play. That happened over the last day after one of Sinema’s former interns died. She posted the news to Twitter and the typical ghoulish responses came flooding in.

What kind of person thinks that way? A person dies and your mind immediately goes to fluffing some garbage federal takeover of the voting system? Rush Limbaugh did always say that liberalism was a mental disorder, I suppose.

Sinema eventually responded.

Sinema isn’t perfect by any means. She’s still liberal on cultural issues and barely moderate when it comes to legislative policy. Yet, she’s the ally we’ve all been handed if Republicans want to ensure Joe Biden doesn’t push through the most radical agenda in our nation’s history.

I’m convinced that these attacks on her are counter-productive anyway. She thrives off having a maverick image in a purple state like Arizona. When the left comes for her, she dusts them off and benefits in the long run. Thus, I’m fairly confident she won’t break her word at this point. There’s just no incentive to do so. It can only hurt her politically, so why bother?

Regardless, it’d be nice if people showed just a little bit more humanity when dealing with someone who’s lost a friend. Is that really too much to ask?