Boston Hospital to Offer 'Preferential Care Based on Race' With 'Reparations Framework'

Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston has laid out a plan to distribute healthcare based on race as part of an “antiracist” push by administrators. In what they are calling a “reparations framework,” the hospital is proposing to offer cash transfers and free care for certain minority groups only.


The authors explain that “racial inequity” in hospitals is negatively affecting patients and propose solutions such as “cash transfers and discounted or free care” for minorities only.

“Offering preferential care based on race or ethnicity may elicit legal challenges from our system of colorblind law … We encourage other institutions to proceed confidently on behalf of equity and racial justice, with backing provided by recent White House executive orders,” the authors explain in a reference to recent executive orders signed by President Joe Biden.

I mean, props for basically admitting what they are doing is illegal, I guess. It’ll shock no one to learn this is the brain-child of two Harvard graduates because there’s perhaps no more culturally damaging an institution in our country than that dumpster fire of a university and influence hub.

Hospitals have typically pointed charity at people based on general attributes such as income level. By doing so based on race, they are perpetuating racism themselves. They are also acknowledging they may pass over more needy individuals in worse situations in order to fill racial quotas for their “reparations” program. It’s just a bad strategy all the way around.

As to the hospital’s accusations of systemic racism leading to a lack of care for minorities necessitating their own racism, it’d be nice if they’d actually cited some examples. Instead, we are stuck with the same nebulous language we always get. Is the argument about cost? Because you don’t need a racially based system to give care to poor people. Is it about discrimination? What are their recent examples? Was their hospital discriminating against black people and turning them away at the door? If so, couldn’t they just stop?


What this is really about, in my opinion, is woke virtue-signaling run amok. Nothing proposed here is actually necessary and as the authors of this framework readily admit, our laws are colorblind (well, except for affirmative action laws), and for good reason. It isn’t and shouldn’t be legal to discriminate in healthcare via some misguided pursuit of social justice. That we are even entertaining this just feels gross. Treating people with equality doesn’t mean you have to discount individual heritage and culture, but it does mean people should be treated equally under the law. That includes the laws surrounding the distribution of healthcare.


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