Merrick Garland Absolutely Beclowned Himself at Biden's Gun Control Presser

Kevin Dietsch/Pool via AP

Has there been a better political decision in the last five years than blowing up Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court by Barack Obama? Some might argue otherwise, but now that we’ve gotten a good look at Garland as Attorney General, it’s apparent the country dodged a bullet.


As I wrote previously (see Does Merrick Garland Even Know What Day It Is?), Garland’s inability to understand basic issues was on full display during his confirmation hearing. He also showed himself to be a typical, left-wing partisan, playing dumb about transgender issues and claiming that Antifa attacking federal property wasn’t domestic terrorism because it happened at night. Despite his awful display, 19 Republicans still voted to confirm him because the GOP remains a mostly useless vestige.

Today, Garland doubled down on the stupidity at Joe Biden’s gun control presser. At one point, he claimed that AR-15 pistols with stabilizing braces are concealable.

Yeah, no. That’s not how any of this works. An AR pistol is not in any way concealable. Here’s a picture for reference for those who don’t know exactly what I’m talking about.

In reality, a regular AR-15 is a far more stable weapon than the pistol version. The pistol version has a shorter barrel which means less velocity. Some stabilizing braces can be brought to the shoulder if the shooter wants, but it’s not comfortable and it’s tougher to aim accurately. In short, going after pistol stabilizing braces is completely pointless from a technical and practical standpoint. Further, they were originally designed for wounded vets and are used by disabled people.


But even if the Biden administration succeeded in successfully banning braces and AR pistols, it would do absolutely nothing to stop gun crime. There will always be something else to shoot or another way to kill if someone has ill intent. There’s a reason the original “assault weapons” ban didn’t change the trajectory of gun violence at all.

Lastly, as I’ve written before, AR-15 variants, including pistols, are some of the least used weapons in crimes despite being incredibly plentiful. We are talking around 0.1% or less of murders with guns being done with an AR.

Politicians are trying to punch a ghost while ignoring the source of most of the violence, which isn’t guns randomly shooting people, but gangs in large, metro areas. Biden’s obsession with “assault weapons” is pure theater. It’s an easy political cudgel that doesn’t actually do anything which makes it right up Biden’s alley.



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