Jill Biden Delivers an Embarrassing Spectacle, Dozens in Attendance

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Jill Biden, or excuse me, “Dr.” Jill Biden has taken a leading role in promoting her husband’s policy platform. That means that she’s traveling around and doing rallies, at least to the extent that what she does can be described as such. I mean, there are typically a few dozen people in attendance, so your mileage may vary.


Today, she decided to turn the cringe up to ten and speak Spanish while shouting at Hispanics. That did not go well, at all. Here’s the short video clip.


This kind of pandering is just so uncomfortable to watch. A good rule of thumb for politicians — and Jill Biden is definitely meeting that definition given how active she is in partisan, political matters — is to never try to speak a language you don’t actually speak. It doesn’t usually work out and it just makes you look desperate. If the people you are speaking to were able to understand the rest of your speech, they don’t need your throw-in tag line in their native language at the end. It’s pointless.

Of note is that after she finishing yelling her butchered phrase, no one even starts to clap, making her yelling even more awkward. Whatever attempt at riling the crowd up she was making fell flat and looking at the socially distanced chairs and the position of the camera, there might be 20 people there. It’s just embarrassing.


By the way, while I know the flag she’s standing in front of is not a Nazi flag, any Republican who got within 50 feet of that thing would be accused of propagating imagery that resembles the Third Reich. I’m just saying.

Anyway, there’s your evening dose of comedic relief. Enjoy yourself.



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