CNN Blows Minds With 'Hard News' Report About Assigning Sex

AP Photo/Pat Eaton-Robb, File

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any dumber in our discourse, they do. The most recent example of this dynamic comes courtesy of CNN because why would it come from anyone else?

The ostensibly labeled “news” network is by far the most arrogant of the cable news channels. They doggedly insist their most biased hosts are actually journalists, and when Jake Tapper is your “down the middle” guy, you aren’t down the middle at all.

Regardless, the hard news side of CNN put out a report in which this whopper of a statement was made.

It’s bad enough that it’s become impossible to even question the transgender ideology on choosing one’s “gender” without having almost every vestige of society crash down on you. Worse, we are now seeing the complete redefinition of scientifically objective standards like assigning sex at birth. Contrary to what CNN asserts here, there is, in fact, a consensus on doing that, and there has been for the entirety of human history. The genitals have long sufficed for an accurate reading of that situation, but we also have DNA to make such determinations as well in the extremely rare case of deformities.

People can argue all they want about gender identities and such, but there should be no argument over whether the objective reality of someone’s biological sex exists. It does, and I don’t quite understand the game here. Wasn’t the entire point of transgender advocates siphoning off the idea of gender in order to make it distinct and malleable compared to someone’s objective sex?

What’s nuts is that the “standards” are shifting so quickly that I’m not sure whether this article will garner a  “fact-check” simply because I’m stating that biological sex is an objective measure. That’s how crazy things have gotten.

This kind of thing is dangerous, in my view. CNN is purposely trying to obscure lines that should not be scientifically obscured. Biological sex carries a myriad of connotations, not the least of which a variety of serious medical concerns that hit the sexes differently. If the media and some “experts” are now saying that you can’t even assign sex at birth via a consensus process, what exactly are they thinking will result?

Respecting people’s life choices in a free country is one thing. Forgoing objective reality is another, especially when there are serious consequences to doing so. That CNN is pushing this shows just how far gone that network is. They will literally say anything to push the current woke narrative.