Woke Warriors Decide to Help Defeat Democrats for Some Reason

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No one has ever accused the woke wing of the Democrat party of having much strategic forethought, but hey, if it helps Republicans, I’m here for it.

Al Sharpton is bragging about organizing protest rallies against Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. The reason? Because they oppose nuking the filibuster to push through the left’s tyrannical wish-list.


Hat tip to Varad Mehta for pointing this story out.

Knowing your electorate is the first step in being successful in politics. If you are anti-gun, you aren’t going to do well in Mississippi. If you are pro-gun, you’ll probably be scorned by most New Yorkers. The same is true for more obscure political issues such as that of the filibuster. Many people won’t understand exactly what that means, but they will understand when Democrats start passing huge federal power grabs. That means electoral disaster for a figure like Manchin in a state like West Virginia.

Yet, the left never seem to grasp this concept, which is why you get calls to primary Manchin and Sinema when the alternative is obviously the election of Republicans. West Virginia isn’t going to elect a liberal Democrat, though Manchin certainly borders on that definition despite his “moderate” credentials. Arizona is a more purple state, but they also have a low tolerance for the far left.

So why is Sharpton doing this? I think the answer is obvious. Grifters always need a new grift and saying that you are going to put pressure on Manchin and Sinema to blow up the filibuster will rake in a lot of coastal elite cash. It won’t actually succeed, but since when has Sharpton cared about that? He’s the very definition of a scam artist, complete with an unpaid tax problem because he’s also a hypocrite on policy.


In the end, this will likely only strengthen Manchin and Sinema. They will be able to brush the left-wing of their party aside and proclaim to their electorates that they are representing them and not the priorities of those in deep blue areas. That’s part of how Manchin has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of so many in his state for so long. He says one thing and often does another.

Yet, it is worth asking how long this line can be toed. Does the far left pressure make a dent? Both Sinema and Manchin are up for re-election in 2024, a year that may heavily favor Republicans if things keep going the way they are going for the Biden administration. If I had to put money on it, I’d bet Manchin doesn’t survive. We’ll find out sooner than it feels.

On a related note, please watch the video below from RedState senior editor Brandon Morse on this very topic:


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