Jen Psaki Won't Answer if Andrew Cuomo Should Resign, and the Reason Is Obvious

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

If this Reuters picture, covered by RedState’s Nick Arama earlier, is in any indication, Andrew Cuomo isn’t long for political office. He now faces six charges of sexual harassment and at least one allegation of sexual assault.


Of course, while his issues with women are a big deal and worthy of resignation on their own, perhaps the biggest deal of all is that 15,000 seniors died of the coronavirus in his state, after he issued an order forcing positive patients back into nursing homes. His cronies then covered it up, admitting that they were attempting to thwart then-President Donald Trump’s DOJ. In light of that, Cuomo shouldn’t just resign; he should likely be in jail, and perhaps he will be one day.

Yet, he probably won’t face any criminal repercussions if the Biden administration has any say in it, and they do have a lot of say. The DOJ is now stacked with left-wing flacks more concerned with spreading the religion of woke than holding someone like Cuomo accountable. Even still, you’d expect they’d at least try to shoo the guy out of office ,so he no longer poses an issue for the Democrat Party.

But when asked whether Cuomo should resign yesterday, Jen Psaki gave an answer that will make no one happy. Excerpts via The Daily Caller.


“The president believes that every woman who’s come forward… deserves to have her voice heard, should be treated with respect and should be able to tell her story,” Psaki said.

Psaki said Biden backs the New York attorney general’s investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. She added that the administration has seen news coverage of lawmakers urging Cuomo to resign, but didn’t have anything further to announce.

What political courage, right? Joe Biden, even after most of his party has thrown Cuomo under the bus, still can’t commit to calling for his resignation. That says something, and it’s nothing good about the current White House dweller. It’s also an answer that will do nothing for either side of the debate. Those that want Cuomo gone want to see a firm denunciation and call for him to leave office. Those that want him to stay want to see Biden buck up and defend the New York governor. Instead, the Biden administration is doing what it always does, which is attempting to simply obfuscate and straddle the fence. It’s their go-to move over nearly every controversial issue.

Of course, the real reason that Biden is so non-committal is fairly obvious.


Biden’s basically an 80-year-old version of Andrew Cuomo, with a vast history of unwanted touching, kissing, and sniffing. He also has had at least one accusation of sexual assault levied against him, as well. The only difference between Cuomo and Biden is that the media and the Democrat party see the former as expendable, now that Trump is out of office. If Biden had lost the presidential race, Tara Reid (one of his accusers) would be a cable news superstar, and her story would be accepted as a universal truth. But because he won, Biden must be protected at all costs.

That’s what this comes down to. Biden doesn’t want to commit to calling for Cuomo’s resignation, until he’s sure that Cuomo is going to resign. The administration wants to be sure Cuomo won’t bring up Biden’s own past in response, if they move too soon. It’s a cynical game.


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