Jen Psaki Thinks You're a Moron, and She's Making It Clear We Don't Really Have a President

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The situation at the border is getting worse, specifically regarding the number of migrant children in custody, and the responsibility for that lies solely with Joe Biden and his pursuit of absolutely terrible policies that are encouraging a surge of illegal immigration.


Despite that, Jen Psaki decided to make some ridiculous claims in today’s presser, clearly believing that those listening are morons. In the process, she also made it clear that we don’t really have a president. The following clips are just mind-blowing in their level of dishonesty and buck-passing.

When asked about why illegal immigrants are flooding the border, Psaki attempted to blame (checks notes)…hurricanes?

The hurricanes in question hit in early November. I’m not great with math, but I’m pretty sure that’s four months ago. Further, the latest surge, including a record-high number of migrant children, occurred well after that point, only happening after Joe Biden took office. Besides, those coming from Central America aren’t exactly being shy about why they are coming. There was one viral picture showing a migrant caravan with dozens of people wearing Joe Biden t-shirts.

Biden’s rhetoric and policies are 100% at fault here. For the moment the current president began his presidential campaign, he began promising that he’d undo much of Trump’s progress at the border. He even bragged about “surging” the border with asylum seekers back in 2019. One of his key promises was to suspend deportations for 100 days as well. When Biden took office, he immediately halted the construction of the border wall and sought to kill the remain in Mexico policy which provided the incentive to not cross the border illegally seeking asylum. All of that combined to send a message to people in other countries that the border was once again wide open, regardless of the extent that it truly was.


Psaki sought to play word games instead of admitting that we now have a full-blown crisis going on.

As I wrote previously (see Joe Biden Has Blood on His Hands, and It’s Going to Get Worse), while encouraging illegal immigration may seem compassionate to some, the reality is that thousands of men, women, and children will end up abused and/or dead along the way. There is nothing moral about encouraging unaccompanied children to make a dangerous journey across the desert. There’s certainly nothing moral about seeing them used as pawns for the drug cartels.

Meanwhile, Psaki also made it clear that the Biden administration won’t even take the most basic level of responsibility for what is happening.

It’s not their program? Is Joe Biden president or is he not? It is simply not acceptable for Psaki to blow this question off when it is her boss’s job to run these organizations and provide these answers. The Department of Homeland Security is not its own branch of government, and the lack of communication with the White House is a stunning indictment of how worthless the current officeholder is.


Overall, Psaki is making it clear we don’t really have a president. We have a doddering old man who doesn’t know where he’s at half the time. That’s about the extent of Biden’s capabilities these days. Deflections to other agencies is not leading. It’s being a coward.

I’ll end by noting that the media would have never accepted this kind of obfuscation and lack of transparency from the Trump administration. Biden is a Democrat, though, so he gets a pass.



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