Dr. Fauci Gets Really Mad at Texas and Mississippi, Shows Zero Self-Awareness in the Process

Dr. Fauci Gets Really Mad at Texas and Mississippi, Shows Zero Self-Awareness in the Process
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Dr. Anthony Fauci is mad, you guys. This time it’s at Texas and Mississippi for daring to get rid of mask mandates and allowing businesses to operate with some semblance of basic freedom. He doesn’t like the peasants ignoring his edicts.

Fauci called the recent moves “inexplicable” in an appearance on, where else, cable news.

Fauci, as per our usual arrangement, continues to completely ignore the lack of correlation between his guidelines and changes in infection/death rates among states. That’s the new third rail of politics, whereby anyone who touches it and asks basic questions gets accused of spreading “misinformation” and ignoring the “experts.” You see, a true critical assessment of outcomes would possibly show much of Fauci’s prosternations to be more political than scientific.

When you actually look across the country, what you’ll see is a splattering of different outcomes appearing completely indifferent to mitigation measures. Florida has done well despite being open and mask-less (at least insofar as a mandate) from nearly the beginning of the pandemic. New York, with their heavy lock downs and masks, has done terribly. Texas has done worse than Florida but better than California. Vermont, a locked down blue state, did well while Michigan, another locked down blue state, got clobbered.

A normal person would look at the above results and likely conclude that what the experts are harping on just doesn’t matter as much as they’d like it to. The keys seem to be protecting vulnerable populations, getting schools open (which gets kids outside of the primary spread vector, i.e. the home), and encouraging voluntary social distancing. The latter, in my experience, does not require limiting businesses and never has.

But to be honest, I’m not sure the real reason behind Fauci’s anger has anything to do with Texas and Mississippi getting rid of draconian COVID mitigation measures. That will serve as a convenient foil for him to harp on while appearing on MSNBC, but I think things are simpler than that. You see, Fauci’s entire identity is wrapped up in this virus. He lives on cable news, YouTube puts his face in a recommended stream for you, and the Biden administration treats him as a messianic figure. He doesn’t want that gravy train to end.

Remember, Fauci is the guy who praised New York as doing it “correctly” while he flogged Florida on multiple occasions. He mislead the American people on masks, got it wrong on herd immunity, and downplayed the efficacy of the vaccine. He’s admitted to lying in order to affect behavior. In a just world, he’d have been fired by now. Instead, he’s been lionized, and Fauci does not want that to stop. The longer this pandemic stays at the fore, the longer he gets to stay famous. I think it’s as simple as that.


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