Mario Kart Playing President Has Been MIA on Winter Superstorm, and the Latest News Makes It Even Worse

Mario Kart Playing President Has Been MIA on Winter Superstorm, and the Latest News Makes It Even Worse
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With Texas and the South being slammed by a once in a generation winter storm, you’d expect the President of the United States to be intimately involved in the response, and I don’t mean just signing an emergency order. After Hurricane Harvey, Donald Trump flew straight to Texas to meet with FEMA and show leadership over the situation. Even Barack Obama did the same following Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters that happened during his two terms.

Yet, not only has Joe Biden not made any attempt to go to Texas (or anywhere in the South that was hit hard), he hasn’t even given a public address on the situation, nor has he done a public appearance with FEMA officials back in Washington. In fact, he spent the first part of last week, while the storm was hammering away, playing Mario Kart at Camp David. He then did a town hall on CNN where he did not mention the storm at all before calling an 8am lid later in the week. It’s an extremely unusual way for a president to present himself during such a catastrophe.

But it’s not just optics that are the problem here. News also recently broke that Biden’s emergency order did not go nearly far enough, and to some eyes, appeared to be spiteful towards the needs of Texans.

Some other sources are saying that the Department of Energy did allow an increase. I’m sure we’ll find out more in the days ahead about exactly what happened there.

Regardless, we know that Biden didn’t sign the disaster declaration that covered all the countries that Gov. Abbott requested. I’d ask why, but we all know Biden is never made to answer any press questions, so I might as well be pondering the greater mysteries of the universe.

In response to Biden’s complete lack of a real public response, the media are praising him for his “low-key approach.” No, I’m not making that up.

Try to imagine a world in which Donald Trump, George W. Bush, or any Republican president sat quietly by for over a week in regards to a major natural disaster that has seen dozens die and tens of millions lose power and access to necessities, only lifting a finger to sign an emergency order. Would the media be praising them for their “low-key approach?” No, they wouldn’t because that’s insane. Biden is not just president of the North East. For him to show zero public leadership in this instance is a damning indictment of his presidency.

Of course, there’s probably a simple explanation for this. Biden may just not be physically capable of traveling and making the public appearances necessary to be the president during this time. We’ve already seen Kamala Harris taking over duties that a VP normally wouldn’t touch at this point in a new administration. Biden is continually held under wraps, only allowed in public under the most scripted of settings. I think many of us suspect that’s not an accident, but a very purposeful strategy to hide his condition.

In the end, the country needs a president, and we don’t have much of one right now.


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