Must See: CA School Board Members Caught Red-Handed Threatening Parents Over Re-Opening

Must See: CA School Board Members Caught Red-Handed Threatening Parents Over Re-Opening
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

If you needed anymore proof that many school boards are made up of lazy, petty children, look no further than this latest story.

A video meeting of the Oakley Union Elementary School Board of Trustees has leaked, and it’s really, really bad. In it, we see multiple members of the board absolutely trashing parents for wanting to see in-person schooling resume.

It’s a must see. The depravity of much of our public education system needs to be exposed for everyone to see.

If you watch the videos, what you’ll see is a board that believes they are alone (and they are, except someone leaked the tape). They begin trashing parents, including one woman making physical threats. Another member of the board demeans parents by claiming they only want babysitters and to go smoke weed all day.

It’s apparently never occurred to these clowns that school is actually important for children. It also apparently never occurred to them they are lazy punks for treating parents this way while they collect taxpayer money to sit on their duffs all day long. No other sector in the world would tolerate this kind of garbage from its employees and leadership. Yet, because the U.S. has such a screwed up relationship with educators, placing them on a pedestal most of them haven’t earned, this kind of behavior is being tolerated and even rewarded in many parts of the country.

I hate to even write paragraphs like that because I know there are good teachers out there. My local school district has been open since August because they prioritized children. They deserve respect and praise for making that happen, even in the face of great political pressure at the national level to remain closed. But there are far, far too many districts around the country run by selfish leftists who are using a pandemic for their own personal gain. They are holding the country hostage, trying to extract hundreds of billions of dollars from taxpayers, and it’s absolutely disgusting.

If there was any real justice, every teacher in America who still refuses to go to work would be fired. Grocery store workers never stopped working and teachers can’t get back to a highly controlled, scientifically safe environment a year later? There comes a point where we’ve obviously moved past good-faith disagreement. It may have been proper to argue for more mitigation back in August. It makes zero sense now to not be back in school, and demands for yet more spending when the last relief bill hasn’t even been spent yet are not serious. Indeed, these are not serious people, and they shouldn’t be treated as such.


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