Joe Biden Gives Beto O'Rourke a Sad

When a senile disaster like Joe Biden is president, I guess you have to savor the small victories. I suppose this counts as one for people who have any respect at all for the Second Amendment.


Jen Psaki revealed yesterday that Beto O’Rourke will not, in fact, become the White House “gun czar” after Biden had previously made a very public promise to that effect. Here are the original statement and the latest shift.

Poor Beto. He started his rise to prominence by getting beaten by Ted Cruz in 2018. With his Senate dreams crushed, the press then started to rehabilitate him, at which point we found out the dude’s dog looks like he’s ready to jump in a lake and not swim out (see Peak 2019: Beto O’Rourke’s Dog Is Trending Because Reasons). He runs for president beginning in 2019 and becomes a favorite before absolutely crashing and burning prior to any voting even happening. After that embarrassment, Biden pats him on the head with a promise to give him a prominent role fighting one of the more important fights for the liberal left, and he still ends up shunned. Oh yeah, and his imitation mini-me in Georgia, Jon Ossoff, actually won his race for Senate in 2021.


Some are claiming that the position of gun czar would have been beneath Beto because he’s supposedly gearing up to run for Texas governor. To that, I say…lol.

I’m sure a guy who continually fails at everything he tries is going to beat out Greg Abbott, the current Republican governor who won by 14% of the vote last time against a real Hispanic person and not a guy who just pretends to be. Sounds legit.

Here’s the reality. If Beto had any realistic aspirations for higher office, he’d be in Washington in a second to further build his profile if he could. Biden appears to have not even given him that chance. Again, that’s a good thing, given Beto’s insane position on gun rights. Perhaps the current president is going to seek to avoid that fight for the foreseeable future considering how toxic it is? We’ll see.



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