Jen Psaki Makes an Absolutely Pathetic Statement About Biden's School 'Re-Opening' Plan

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Do words even have meaning for Joe Biden’s White House? If Jen Psaki’s latest presser is any indication, the answer is a definitive no.

Yesterday, as Nick Arama reported, Biden decided to release his plan for re-opening schools. It included only 50% of schools being opened by April. If that wasn’t setting the bar low enough, they also defined being “open” as attending school one day a week. Yes, a single day a week for just half the schools in the country would be enough for Biden to claim victory.


Today, Jen Psaki decided to double down on the plan, except this time she accompanied it with an absolutely pathetic statement just drive home the absurdity a bit more.

Anyone starting to understand the game that is being played here yet? In reality, there is nothing bold, nor ambitious about saying that you want to have 50% of schools open one day a week by April. In fact, that’s a standard so low as to be completely laughable.

Further, just like the “100 million vaccines in 100 days” plan, it’s simply a recognition of what’s already happening while attempting to claim credit for things the Biden administration had no hand in. Right now, there are already probably 50% of schools open in this country. I can’t say that with certainty, but thousands of districts are already open in dozens of states. That includes some blue states as well. And those schools are typically open far more than one day a week. In other words, what Psaki is calling bold and ambitious is simply the status quo.

I think things are even more cynical than just trying to claim a fake political win, though. This also sets up for Biden’s Big Tech allies and their media counterparts to “fact-check” conservatives who claim Biden didn’t really re-open schools some months from now. The White House is ensuring that they set the bar so low for what constitutes re-opening that it will provide the necessary cover. What would otherwise be an objective failure can now be claimed as vindication, not just by Biden, but by the news media, too. Don’t think for a second they aren’t thinking that far ahead because they are.


In the end, this entire thing is a joke. Biden doesn’t really have a plan for anything. He didn’t have a plan for vaccinations aside from doing what Trump had already put in motion. He doesn’t have a plan for schools, though you don’t really need one except telling the teachers’ unions to jump in the river. Thus you get this gaslighting from Psaki.



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