Donald Trump Is Now Under Criminal Investigation in Georgia

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Apparently, the drama in Georgia didn’t end with the Democrats winning both Senate races in early January. Now, prosecutors in the state are moving forward with a criminal investigation of Donald Trump. This involves his phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.


Go ahead and guess which county is pushing this.

Yes, that would be the same Fulton County that was wrapped up in election fraud allegations following the November 2020 election. It’s no surprise they’d try to get their revenge at this point. It’s also no surprise that Raffensperger is ready and willing to play along.

Anyone that has listened to the phone call in question knows the list of charges above is an absolute joke. Racketeering? Conspiracy? You can think the call was icky and uncalled for, but it was simply a rehash of Trump’s prior, public complaints. Even the supposed smoking gun where Trump says he wants to find votes is easily explained by the fact that Trump felt an investigation in alleged fraud would reveal more legitimate votes for him. In short, there’s absolutely nothing here to really pursue legally. Regardless, partisan prosecutors have rarely been constrained by such realities. The Mueller investigation is proof enough of that.

I’ll go ahead and make my prediction know. Just like the hype over the SDNY investigating Trump eventually led nowhere, this too will lead nowhere. There’s simply no real evidence of anything on that phone call. Anything more than some making their objections known for political reasons is just supposition, and that typically doesn’t cut it in court.


On the other hand, not handing his corrupt enemies the fodder in the first place would have been prudent here. On what planet was it a good idea to call up Raffensperger, who had already made his anti-Trump views known, to press him on the election? Did he seriously think Raffensperger was going to do anything but use it against him? Arrogance has brought down a lot of people, and Trump is no exception. At some point, he should have realized that this simply wasn’t a battle he was going to win and kept his powder dry, if for no other reason than to preserve himself (or one of his kids) for 2024. Instead, the call leaked the day before the election and it has formed yet another basis for his current impeachment trial.

There will be a lot of lessons learned from the Trump era, both as a result of things he did right and that he did wrong. Whatever the next leader of what Trump started looks like, that person will have to be far more disciplined to fully realize their potential and the potential of what they can accomplish.



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