Tucker Carlson Responds to the Reddit-GameStop Revolt in Fiery Fashion

If you’ve been paying attention to the mayhem happening on the stock market due to some Reddit users targeting a hedge fund, you’ve probably been waiting for Tucker Carlson’s response to it all (see Reddit Trolls Beat the Stock Market, and the Elites are Really, Really Mad). The famously populist host has no love for Wall Street and you just knew he was gonna blow them up after this story broke.


He did that last night, starting with a monologue and then moving into an interview with Fox Business’ Charles Payne.

Carlson points out the obvious. Massive hedge funds are allowed to go on CNBC and post “tips” that are meant to manipulate the market and drive down stocks so their shorts are profitable. You normals, though? You can’t do that or it’s “illegal.” The game is rigged.

You seeing the irony yet? Hedge funds band together to destroy companies to try to make a buck for themselves and their already rich investors. Yet, if you try to make a buck off them by using their own system against them, the system decides it needs to be shut down so the elites can “recalibrate” their positions and avoid losses. Again, the game is rigged, and CNBC and other cable news networks collude to make it happen.

As Carlson notes while laughing hysterically, when people on Reddit do what the hedge funds do, that’s suddenly “illegal” and decried by the powers that be. Meanwhile, big tech moves to censor their ability to coordinate because the leaders of big tech are no doubted invested in many of these hedge funds. Their excuse? That there’s “hate speech” being propagated on the sub-Reddit and Discord. That’s actual, illegal market manipulation, but it won’t even be pursued by the SEC because they are too busy obsessing over some randos on Reddit making legal stock buys. The elites must be protected.


And yes, some people on the Reddit are going to lose money in the end, but I don’t think most of them care. If that’s your response to this, you are missing the point. This was about fighting back against some of the worst actors in our economy that manipulate the market and crush businesses to make a quick buck. Never has a more worthy foe existed.


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