Tucker Carlson Destroys CNN's Brianna Keilar in Perhaps His Most Hilarious Monologue Ever

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Tucker Carlson has been on absolute fire the last few days, and to be fair, he’s had a lot of material to work with.

Earlier yesterday, CNN’s potato squad put out a newsletter attempting to de-platform Fox News and get them kicked off air via bans from providers (cable, satellite, streaming services, etc.). This dystopian garbage is seen as acceptable and good in the world of our mainstream media, mostly because they are egotistical enough to think such purges would never affect them. It’s also nakedly about the fact that CNN can’t otherwise compete, so why not get the competition thrown off air?

Carlson had obviously seen enough, deciding to unleash on CNN, specifically Brianna Keilar and Jeff Zucker, in what is probably his most hilarious monologue ever. It’s a must watch, both because it’s entertaining, but also because it’s an incredibly important message given the current censorship push by the left.

Jeff Zucker as mini-me and Brian Stelter’s dome as Dr. Evil is just too good. You’ve gotta give Tucker’s graphics team a lot of credit here. Yeah, he’s delivering the words, but their visuals lately have just been great.

Of course, Tucker delivers this monologue without cracking a smile, always using his patented dry humor. That makes it all the more effective. He roasts Keilar and Zucker’s command to “stop Fox News” to an extent that he hasn’t before. The gloves are off and the battle lines are drawn. Keilar is an unimpressive hack, chairing a daytime show where she dutifully repeats the commands of her executive overlords. She does that while claiming to be an unbiased “journalists,” knowing she’s anything but. That kind of dishonestly deserves scorn, and Tucker is there to deliver it.

Keilar’s complaint about Fox News is as juvenile as her boss’ rantings. She’s really upset Fox hosts didn’t call the Capitol Hill riot an “insurrection.” I’ll go out on a limb and guess that’s because it wasn’t. It was some idiotic, alt-right morons (with perhaps a left-wing agitator or three mixed) running around breaking things in a vain attempt to raise their profile. It was no more an insurrection than when Democrats broke into the Senate office building during the Kavanaugh hearings and chased representatives and their staff around.

Tucker ends by roasting Keilar’s accusation that “white privilege” plays a part in any of this. Of note, he points out, is that Zucker, Keilar, Stelter, etc. are all white while demanding to have their influence be kowtowed too.

Anyway, watch the entire thing for yourself. It’s worth the time.

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