Teachers Union Leader Encouraged Strikes to 'Stay Safe' From COVID, Then She Got Caught in a Compromising Position

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Is there any profession that has taken a bigger hit in the credibility department over the course of the COVID pandemic than teaching? That’s unfortunate given the fact that many teachers simply wanted to get back in the classroom as soon as possible, recognizing the dangers prolonged lockdowns represented to students.


Yet, there have been so many high profile cases of teachers and their union leaders ignoring science for their own personal gain and laziness that it has unfairly tarnished everyone. One of the most recent cases involves a woman named Sarah Chambers from Chicago (because of course she’s from Chicago).

Chambers, a member of the Chicago Teachers Union Board, was encouraging teachers to stay home because it was supposedly unsafe to return to work. But it was what she had posted a few hours later that got her caught in a compromising position.


Sarah Chambers is on the union’s executive board and is an area vice president.

As recently as Thursday, she tweeted to rally special education teachers not to return to work Monday because it’s unsafe.

Just a few hours earlier, Chambers posted a picture on Instagram that appears to show her pool side in Puerto Rico and talking about going to Old San Juan for seafood.


Yes, at the same time she was telling teachers to refuse to do the job they are paid for because it’s safest to stay home, this woman was traveling all the way to Puerto Rico to lay on the beach and go to public places to eat seafood. What happened to setting a good example?

She has an excuse, though. She claims to have already had COVID and that she tested negative before traveling.

The post also mentions she previously had COVID, got a negative test result and consulted her doctor before traveling.

Well, if she consulted her doctor, then it’s all good, I suppose. That means she doesn’t have to be logically consistent. Chambers gets to apply common sense for herself while she threatens to bludgeon students via completely unjustifiable work stoppages if schools are reopened. Also, given that some large portion of Chicago teachers have already had the virus, why aren’t Chambers and those others volunteering to go back to the classroom? I mean, if that’s the standard, let’s apply it.

The reality of the situation is her going to Puerto Rico isn’t dangerous. But the reality of the situation is also that teachers going back to work to do their jobs is not dangerous either. Schools have been open in many parts of the country since August, and in many parts of the world, months before even that. There was never one ounce of science behind the idea that schools were spread vectors. The passage of time and a complete lack of outbreaks have shown that to be correct. Yet, this teachers union leader is still encouraging strikes for 2021 while she sips drinks on vacation in the Caribbean. Amazing, right?


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