Mitch McConnell Recognizes Joe Biden as 'President-Elect,' and the Conspiracies Fly

Mitch McConnell Recognizes Joe Biden as 'President-Elect,' and the Conspiracies Fly
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Mitch McConnell took to the floor today and formally recognized Joe Biden as ‘President-Elect.’ This came after the electors voted to certify the election in Biden’s favor yesterday. This is obviously a contentious issue that rubbed some the wrong way, but here’s what McConnell had to say.

Congratulations aren’t in order in my opinion given the games played in this election at both the voting and media level, but I do understand why McConnell finally did this. The electors voting has always been a red-line laid out, including by the Trump campaign themselves.

With that happening, and not in Trump’s favor yesterday, it leaves McConnell little choice but to move into a different phase of this situation instead of one that supposes Trump is going to be sworn in at the end of January. The legal challenges have almost all failed, and even if the one left active in Georgia succeeds, it’s still not enough to make Trump the winner of the electoral college. In other words, there’s nowhere else to go if your goal is to prevent Joe Biden from becoming president.

Despite these realities which are obviously not preferable, some are now going after McConnell. I don’t think that’s fair. Again, what is he supposed to do at this point? To the extent that Congress has any say, that’s constitutionally done over in the House, which Nancy Pelosi continues to control. They will officially certify the vote of the electors in the coming weeks.

But typical angst aside, then there are theories like this.

It’s important to always take a step back when dealing with something like this. Yes, someone who once worked for Dominion gave a tiny donation to Mitch McConnell at one point in time, but that is unquestionably not why these bills were torpedoed. If you follow politics closely, you’ll recall that the Democrats were pushing what essentially amounted to a federal takeover of the voting system. This happened in the earlier part of the year after COVID became such a big issue. The bills that McConnell killed are those bills. Now, what makes more sense? Mitch McConnell, one of the most powerful people in the country, being bought off by $2000? Or him killing the bill because it was Democrat written garbage? I think we all know the answer to that.

I say that to say that people can choose to handle Biden however they want, and RedState will be giving him no quarter. But the basic realities of the situation still apply, and McConnell isn’t suddenly a covert Democrat agent because he chose to recognize how the electoral college voted. In the eternal words of many, it is what it is.

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