Watch: Alex Jones Crashes 'Stop the Steal' Rally, Loses His Freaking Mind

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

Alex Jones is quite the character, and I believe that’s putting it mildly. While he is known for his wild conspiracy theories, including suggesting something about the government turning frogs gay, he’s also known for showing up at right-wing events and causing a scene . That happened at today’s pro-Trump ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in Washington D.C.


Jones and his crew attempted to push themselves to the front of the crowd so they could take over the stage. That’s when minds were lost.

Funny enough, I actually witnessed one of these stunts at CPAC early this year. Jones himself wasn’t there, but the blonde guy you see in the video that’s with him was leading a group that attempted to infiltrate the event back in February. At some point, security asked them to leave and that led to lots of screaming as they existed to convention room level. It was pretty hilarious.

And look, even if you don’t think Jones is a kook, I’m not sure why wouldn’t should be expected to give him their stage just because he demands. This is all just childish bullying mixed with shameless attention seeking. Besides, how exactly are pro-Trump ‘Stop the Steal’ organizers the enemy here anyway? That the crowd split the way it did is a bit disappointing. I know some may think it’s prudish, but there need to be lines as to who the base of the party are willing to align with. Jones should not be one of those people.


My opinion, whether it’s popular or not, is that there are certain figures who do more harm than good. To the extent that they even care, you’d think they’d temper some of what they do. Jones is obviously not capable of that, not that he’s really “on the right.” He’s established his own category at this point.

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