Kayleigh McEnany Holds Presser, Lands Direct Hit on Democrat COVID Hypocrites

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Kayleigh McEnany may not have many appearances as White House Press Secretary left unless some major shifts happen, but she’s making the most of what’s left. Today, she took the podium and absolutely waylaid Democrats for their hypocrisy on COVID restrictions. Doing something that ticks the journalist class off to no end, she played video clips to illustrate her point while noting the relative silence within mainstream news media over what we’ve been seeing.


Even better, she named names.

You’ll see everyone from Lori Lightfoot to Nancy Pelosi in the above clip. Even more hilariously, she goes right at CNN’s Chris Cuomo for his ridiculous resurrection stunt in which he pretended he had remained quarantined when he hadn’t. She also hit some of the more recent figures like Gavin Newsom, who attended an indoor $400 a plate dinner a few weeks ago despite regulations forbidding such.

This is the kind of hard hitting, evidentiary lashing our supposed political betters deserve. All across the country businesses are closed and people are suffering at the hands of a ruling class that can’t even follow their own rules. What does that say about how seriously they actually take them? McEnany hit on that point as well.

Rules for thee but not for me. That’s been the running theme among many Democrat politicians the last year. We’ve seen now countless examples of mayors breaking their own rules, governors violating their own guidelines, and health officials attending events they demanded no one else attend. All the while, the entirety of the Democrat party and the media have approved of mass protests in the streets, “autonomous zones” in places like Seattle, and Joe Biden victory parties.


People are tired of being strung along and treated like peasants. If there’s a scientific reason to do something, that should be clearly laid out, it shouldn’t violate the Constitution, and everyone, including liberal politicians, should have to do it.

If Joe Biden is indeed sworn in this coming January, I’m going to miss seeing McEnany absolutely filet people. She’s really, really good at her job, and I suspect this won’t be the last we hear from her.

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