Obama Bro Ben Rhodes Previews the Garbage Coming With a Biden Administration

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As RedState reported yesterday, Iran’s top nuclear guru was killed, most likely by Mossad (see Mossad Whacks Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist, Joe Bidens Ability to Suck Up to Iran Hardest Hit). To the extent that the United States had a hand in it, that would be a positive thing. The Mullahs have no business being in power, much less having a nuclear weapon. In the real world, you can’t just slow the jam the news and send pallets of cash the way Barack Obama did. Action has to be taken, and it was taken here.


That, of course, made the Obama bros really, really angry. Here’s Ben Rhodes having a meltdown over the news.

Rhodes is obviously trying to blame some conspiracy here whereby President Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu ordered this strike while laughing over the phone in order to hurt Joe Biden. Actually, that’s probably exactly what happened, and the world is better for it. There is no “diplomacy” left to have with Iran. There can only be more embarrassing capitulation by the United States. Meanwhile, the Iranian people and the Middle East as a whole pay the price. That anyone could even suggest going back into the Iran nuclear deal is mind-numbing, and it begs the question. At what point is Rhodes expected to register as a foreign agent?

What we are getting here is a preview of the garbage coming with a Biden administration. The very same people who set the Middle East on fire, created slave markets in Libya, escalated a civil war in Syrian, failed to win the war in Afghanistan, and who empowered Iran now appear to be marching right back into power. Even Susan Rice, who would never garner Senate confirmation with the GOP in control, is looking to be appointed to a symbolic post where she can flex her awful instincts and push her terrible policy preferences. Heck, John Kerry is already being brought on board. Perhaps we’ll avoid Ben Rhodes himself returning, but I wouldn’t bet against it.


Regardless, the worst actor is at the top. Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy initiative he’s either been a part of or even commented on. This is the genius whose grandest idea is just to split countries into threes. He didn’t want to kill Bin Laden. He wanted to “arm the rebels” in Syria. He’s a foreign policy moron.

None of this is going to work out in the country’s favor, or any other country for that matter. To the extent that the Senate can limit legislative damage (assuming the GOP wins the Georgia run-offs), Biden will still have free reign when it comes to war and diplomatic relations. There’s going to be a lot of grinning and bearing over the next four years if Biden is sworn in.

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