Michigan AG Suggests Criminally Charging Republican Legislators for Meeting With Trump

Michigan’s Attorney General hasn’t covered herself in glory throughout the COVID pandemic. That apparently isn’t going to change with her behavior towards the election as well.


The liberal Democrat is now exploring whether state legislators who met with Donald Trump this week are guilty of criminal conduct. Yes, you read that right.

Jonathan Turley lays out some of the details in his piece on the matter.

According to the Washington Post, Dana Nessel “is conferring with election law experts on whether officials may have violated any state laws prohibiting them from engaging in bribery, perjury and conspiracy.”  It is same weaponization of the criminal code for political purposes that we have seen in the last four years against Trump.  Notably, the focus is the same discredited interpretation used against Trump and notably not adopted by the impeachment-eager House Judiciary Committee: bribery.

The idea goes that Trump is so orange and bad that he would surely attempt to bribe anyone who met with him. Under this ridiculous supposition, the suggestion is that the state legislators who met with Trump could then be charged with facilitating a bribe.


Turley’s piece includes this excerpt from Politico which spells out the theory.

The danger for Shirkey and Chatfield, then, is that they are being visibly invited to a meeting where the likely agenda involves the felony of attempting to bribe a public official.

Under Michigan law, any member of the Legislature who “corruptly” accepts a promise of some beneficial act in return for exercising his authority in a certain way is “forever disqualified to hold any public office” and “shall be guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment in the state prison not more than 10 years[.]”

Can’t you just feel the unity being brought on by a possible Biden administration?

This is the kind of idiocy percolating on the left even as they accuse Republicans of destroying democracy by allowing legal challenges to pay out. In reality, nothing is going to happen here, but suggesting this is bad enough. Trump has no bribed anyone from Michigan, nor are any state officials who met with Trump guilty of engaged in such activity. That the chief “law enforcement” official in the state would explore such nonsense shows how politically compromised she is.


Remember this the next time Democrats try to lecture the GOP about coming together and taking the temperature down in our political environment. Over and over, the left continues to show itself as the side that believes in quashing free speech and targeting political enemies. We’ve certainly seen ample evidence of that over the last four years. This is just the latest example.

Unfortunately, Michigan continues to live on the edge as a purple state, where a slim majority continue to put figures like this in office, from Nessel to Gretchen Whitmer as Governor. At the end of the day, you get what you vote for.

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