The Dumbest Case Against Trump's Election Challenges Gets Made

The 2020 election is quickly approaching its pinnacle, with the electors set to vote in early December. Once that happens, things are essentially over. Up to that point, challenges to voting irregularities and such are certainly fair game, and President Trump is pushing that issue as far as he can after many examples of sketchy behavior have been uncovered. The question of whether they add up to enough to change the outcome is an entirely different issue.


Regardless, the arguments against Trump even speaking out and filing legal challenges at all have become central within the beltway’s echo chamber. The consternation over yesterday’s press conference was palpable, as if our country was literally being destroyed because Giuliani’s hair dye ran down his face. It’s all so stupid and overwrought.

Yesterday, a writer from National Journal suggested that Trump is enabling death threats.

There are a couple of really dumb arguments against Trump’s current actions in the election fight, and we’ll get to another one in a minute, but this one strikes me as the most ridiculous. If getting death threats was the catalyst for forcing someone else to cease behavior, the mainstream media would have went off the air back in 2017. The President and his family have received more threats than can counted at this point. Was there any concern over CNN promoting a false conspiracy about Trump being a Russian agent enabling the crazies? I sure don’t remember that being the case.

But now Trump is expected to concede and drop all legal challenges because some rando texted a threat?


If someone wants to make a legal argument against what Trump is doing, go ahead. But the idea that he should cease and desist because people he doesn’t know will text threats is not only ridiculous, it cuts against the individualism this country was founded on. People that send threats will be dealt with by law enforcement. News outlets do not get to dictate legal challenges by claiming that such is “enabling” threats.

Of course, the broader issue is decorum in general. As per our usual agreement, the establishment media are obsessed with the idea of “norms” unless it’s someone on the left breaking them. Then it’s always justifiable. But if Trump feels he was cheated, he owes it to his supporters to follow all legal paths forward. Whether that makes some Never Trumper or MSNBC anchor unconformable should not enter into the equation. As I said at the beginning of this piece, the electors will soon vote and then it’ll be over. Until then, the country is not going to collapse because Trump is suing in Michigan.


I’ll end by noting that I’m also seeing a lot of Republican commentators insisting that Trump’s battle will hurt the Senate races in Georgia. Again, I see no evidence of that, and it strikes me as exactly the kind of hysterical proclamation we’ve heard before. Remember when Trump was going to lead to a blue wave and a total GOP wipeout in 2020? Instead, the GOP gained more seats in the House than anyone projected and now look to hold the Senate comfortably. I’d suggest those once again predicting doom think a little more outside the box going forward.

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