A School District Classifies Asians with Whites, and Hilarity Ensues

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

This was always the natural progression of being woke, right?

A Washington state school district has now decided that Asians are not “people of color,” but are to be relegated to the doldrums of whiteness. In a move that will make absolutely no sense to anybody with eyes and an understanding of history, their coveted spot in the inter-sectional heirarchy has been lost. Better luck next time.

You see, because Asians are perhaps the most successful demographic in the United States when it comes to earnings, they can no longer be classified with blacks and Hispanics as historical victims. This despite the fact that Asians were absolutely historical victims of discrimination, abuse, and murder in the earlier periods of the country, certainly just as much as Hispanics. None of that counts though compared to other minorities because most Asians manage to better themselves through education and hard work.

In other words, for the left, race is wholly dictated by outcome and not, you know, someone’s actual race. Makes sense, right? Of course, it does make sense to a left in this country which seeks to peddle grievance over literally every issue that exists. If Asians remain “people of color,” then that throws a big wrench in their preaching about inequities. We can’t have that, as the narrative of victim-hood and an inability to advance must be upheld at all costs.

This pronouncement led to some hilarity on Twitter.

Well, at least we got all that sorted. So if you are Asian, congrats on your ascension of privilege. You are now among the elites whereby no matter how bad off you actually are, you are always considered better off than the richest, most successful people of other races.

Jokes aside, there’s obviously something racist about the idea that if you are successful, you must be placed among the whites. Because an Asian person or black person couldn’t possibly do well in this country regardless of their race, right? But that’s the core of leftism. It’s a mixture of gross classism and racism all tied together to push the idea that individual achievement is out of the individual’s hands. That means more power for those in power. It’s a cynical, yet predictable game.

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