Source: Durham Investigation Closing Down Without Indictments, Scared of Biden Blowback

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For well over a year now, the Durham investigation has been pumped up as the coming justice for a lot of bad characters involved in the government’s Trump-Russia travesty. Any hope that figures like John Brennan, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe would pay a price for their illegal FISA warrants, lying, and targeting of Donald Trump rested on Durham doing his job. “Trust the plan” became a mantra among some on the right, with the idea being that the hammer was always just around the corner.


Unfortunately, it appears Durham successfully ran out the clock. What many have suspected for a long time appears to be true, namely that no one will be held accountable for the corruption of the Trump-Russia investigation. The Federalist, who has covered this saga better than any other news outlet out there, is now reporting that Durham is looking to close up shop, fearing that an incoming Biden administration will retaliate.

Keep in mind that Durham had a near open and shut case against Andrew McCabe, who had admitted multiple times to having lied to the FBI. Instead of pursing that, the DOJ decided not to prosecute. They also failed to act on a criminal referral of James Comey. In the end, the bureaucracy made sure to protect the bureaucracy. This was always about saving face for these agencies, not actually seeking justice.

For many of us this isn’t a surprise. I sourced on Durham a long time ago, seeing the constant excuses for why he hadn’t delivered yet as making less and less sense as time went on. I know a lot of RedState’s readers were in the same place, though there was perhaps some twinkle of hope that things would shift.


Worse, it appears that none of this is happening because Durham didn’t find anything. According to Sean Davis, he has enough to file multiple charges but appears to just be sitting on the evidence instead.

The idea that so many people could have touched that illegal FISA warrant of Carter Page, yet no one did anything illegal, never made a bit of sense. Durham has the goods and has likely had the goods for many months. But this is how business is done in Washington D.C. It doesn’t matter how corrupt something is, these agencies cover for each other. No one ever pays for what they do, and the game continues. A possible Joe Biden administration is just a green light to return to the way things always were. It’s one of the worst aspects of Trump losing this election, if he does indeed lose it after the electors vote in December.


Perhaps putting any faith in a career DOJ official was foolish. Expecting him to not white-wash what happened and protect his colleagues was always a tall order. It didn’t have to be this way, but in the end, the swamp won. You can expect the same thing to happen again the next time a Republican runs for president. With no consequences comes no deterrent.

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