Dr. Fauci Shows He's Just Another Political Hack

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To say that I’m not a fan of Dr. Anthony Fauci is an understatement. His honeymoon period, at least in regards to me and many on the right, ran out long ago. His near constant media appearances, his undermining of the current administration, and the simple fact that he’s been wrong about so much have made him an easy person to dismiss. That he does all that with a completely undeserved arrogance makes it all the worse.


(see Dr. Fauci’s Worst Is Yet to Come)

Now, as if he’s wanting to ensure that everyone knows he was always just a political hack, the good doctor has decided to completely change his tone and his pronouncements following an election that appears to have gone his way. Remember, this is a guy who has already been promised a top job in the Biden administration.

I actually wrote on some of Fauci’s recent predictions of doom and downplaying of a vaccine (see Dr. Fauci Melts Down Again, Attacks Scott Atlas and Predicts Doom). In that previous article, Fauci was predicting a dark winter and asserting that we were so ill prepared that there was nothing we could really do about it. Keep in mind, Fauci was well aware at that point that vaccines were nearing completion, yet he still chose to spin tales of doom as the election approached. In early October, Fauci proclaimed that we could see between 300-400,000 deaths over the fall and winter. Again, the fact that a vaccine was almost done was not a secret to Fauci at the time.


Further, Fauci has continually downplayed a vaccine as being somewhat ineffective, asserting that we will need to wear masks and socially distance into 2022 regardless of a vaccine being deployed. At no point until now has he allowed that a vaccine would quickly end the pandemic. In fact, his predictions were that it would only be 60% or so effective. Now, the latest news says it will be 90% effective. Fauci was wrong again, but not only that, he knew he had no basis for what he was claiming when he downplayed a vaccine at the expense of Trump’s re-election bid.

But now that he thinks Biden has won and his job is secure, suddenly it’s all rainbows for Fauci. The “calvary” is coming and the pandemic won’t last much longer. Amazing, right? It’s a miracle I guess.

If Fauci were truly the non-partisan professional he claims to be, he’d have been honest with the American people leading up to the election. The administration and Fauci knew that Pfizer was almost done with trials (and had actually done a 1/3 more events than required, likely to stall the announcement until after the election). They knew doses would be deployed before the end of the year just as Trump had said. Instead of reinforcing that reality and speaking positively, Fauci pretended the administration was misleading people and acted as if the apocalypse was upon us. That was politically calculated on his part, and no one will convince me otherwise.


Unfortunately, these are the kinds of hacks that will retake power if Biden is sworn in. The list of arrogant, unimpressive bureaucrats who will be calling the shots again is a mile long. These were the stakes of the 2020 election. I only wish more people would have taken them seriously.

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