Pfizer Announces Big Vaccine News, and It Sure Looks Like They Purposely Waited Until After the Election

You knew this was going to happen. The moment a probable Donald Trump defeat was in play, suddenly COVID news would totally shift. Andrew Cuomo is out there saying it’s time for a different approach and tone. Other Democrat state leaders are relaxing standards. Large pro-Biden celebrations are being allowed with zero media push back.


And now, Pfizer has announced that Trump was actually right about a vaccine being done by the end of the year. Very, very conveniently, they held onto this news until the week after the election. You want to know why Republicans are showing less and less deference to multi-billion dollar businesses? It’s because of stuff like this.

Keep in mind that COVID media star and frequent Trump critic Scott Gottlieb is on the board of Pfizer. You’ll also be less than shocked to learn that the top two places Pfizer big wigs gave political donations to were the Biden campaign and the Democrat Senate Campaign Committee. But this delayed announcement of news they clearly have known for a while (we’ll get into that in a second) was perhaps their biggest gift.

Pfizer is trying to muddy the waters as well, claiming that they weren’t part of Operation Warp Speed so they can deny President Trump of any credit. That’s not really true. They had an agreement with the government that was worked out under Operation Warp Speed. That they didn’t take money does not negate that fact.


Also, Pfizer knows they are going to get around $2 billion from the government when it comes time to purchase vaccines. Playing as if they have nothing to gain here and weren’t connected to the government efforts is deeply dishonest, but yet more proof that they acted in a partisan manner to help Joe Biden.

Some will claim the timing of all this is just a coincidence. That doesn’t begin to add up. As I insinuated above, it’s clear that Pfizer has known for a while what they had.

They passed the threshold to declare the vaccine viable in what appears to be at least several weeks ago. Given the importance of the vaccine and the fact that the country is waiting on pins and needles for it, Pfizer absolutely had the ability to release this news before the election so that voters could have a full picture of what was going on. Instead, it seems really likely that they purposely held this news back, waiting until Biden was declared the winner, before putting this out there. The idea that they didn’t make that decision consciously doesn’t pass muster.


Would this have shifted enough votes to give Trump a clear victory? I think it’s very possible given how close the margins were in the deciding states. But voters were denied that chance while being fed a steady stream of lies and misinformation from the media about a possible vaccine. Of course that mattered.

Trump had it right and CNN’s TV doctors were wrong (again). Who could have foreseen this? Unfortunately, there are no do-overs now and the consequences of a Biden administration will be very real going forward if he’s sworn in this coming January.

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