Joe Biden Promptly Violates the Logan Act, Exposes Massive Double Standard

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Just in case there wasn’t enough evidence out there that we live under a partisan, two-tired justice system that basically hinges on whether you are sympathetic to Democrats or not, Joe Biden added the capper by promptly violating the Logan Act. This happened after the media proclaimed him the winner despite vote counting and legal challenges being ongoing.


It hasn’t even been a week, and he’s already “on the phone” with foreign leaders according to Obama Bro Ben Rhodes. Does this sound familiar?

So Biden is talking to foreign leaders about the agenda he is going to pursue and the changes he wants to make and the media aren’t freaking out, demanding the book be thrown at him? How odd, right? I’m sure this makes Michael Flynn, whose life was ruined over a ridiculous FBI investigation centering on the Logan Act during the Trump transition, feel really good today.

Seriously though, it must be incredibly frustrating to see such blatant hypocrisy when you are the sucker on the losing end of it. Keep in mind, Flynn is still having to fight for his freedom right now while Biden’s surrogates are bragging about doing the exact same thing.

What’s funny is that the argument being made by Rhodes is exactly the same argument Democrats vehemently dismissed from Trump supporters for four years. We’ve always said that Trump’s transition team had a legal right to interface with foreign leaders and discuss coming changes after being elected in 2016. Besides, the Logan Act is blatantly unconstitutional anyway. Yet, none of those facts mattered to a media that set their hair on fire over supposed “crimes” by Flynn on behalf of Donald Trump involving the Logan Act. Instead, a million breathless op-eds were birthed at places like The New York Times and The Washington Post. Where are those now targeting Biden? Should I hold my breath waiting for them?


But hey, maybe we can get an impeachment of Joe Biden rolling early? Perhaps Trump should leave Biden a parting gift via a special counsel to investigate all this? That sounds pretty fair to me. We didn’t set the standard, but we should dang sure make the Democrats live by it.

Honestly, this is just a travesty. Michael Flynn was treated terribly and needs to be fully pardoned at this point. I’m fairly positive that’s coming from Trump, and he will absolutely be doing the right thing when he signs the paperwork. Our justice system is a dumpster fire. Our media are worse.

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