Tucker Carlson Drops One Final, Must Hear Monologue Before the Election

Today is Election Day in the United States. Tens of millions of Americans are headed to the polls after record numbers of people voted early in many states across the country. Though it’s unlikely we’ll have a final winner tonight or in the early morning of November 4th, we should have a decent feel for what is going to happen based off the results in states like Florida and Arizona.


But numbers crunching and vote counting aside, it’s worth pondering how we got here in the first place. How exactly did a billionaire businessman from New York City manage to become the standard bearer for the citizens of places like Butler, PA and Traverse City, MI?

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Tucker Carlson asked that question last night and attempted to answer it in his last, must see monologue before the election.

The setup is as good as the payoff in the four minutes and thirty four seconds of Carlson absolutely nailing the condition of so many voters in this country who feel completely abandoned and disenfranchised by our elite, beltway dwelling ruling class. As he notes, Butler, PA isn’t just an old industrial town, it’s also one of the centers of the opioid epidemic. Those who currently consider themselves our intellectual and moral betters have no care for places like Butler, with Carlson noting that they see these cities as “embarrassing relics.”


As if they were trying to prove Carlson right, the media didn’t consider the pertinent questions about Trump’s Butler rally, nor his other massive events of the last few weeks. In a saner media environment, those prime-time shows on CNN would be asking why all these people support Trump in the first place. They’d be asking what about the coastal elite structure has failed them. Instead, MSNBC, CNN, and the like described the gatherings as “super-spreader events” and focused on the lack of mask wearing, something so marginal and irrelevant in accessing the context of these rallies.

It’s like they wanted to provide as much evidence as possible that they are completely out of touch. Carlson notes the prevailing attitude, looking down at people who attend Trump rallies as supporting evil, being racist, and being freaks. The media never stop to consider these are normal people with real concerns.

So why do these people love Trump so much? It’s not because they are cultists, “MAGOTS,” or whatever other deragatory descriptor our unimpressive ruling class has managed to come up with over the last several years. Rather, Carlson asserts, it’s because that same ruling class has made it clear that see no value in places like Butler, Scranton, or Yuma. They see these cities and their people as roadblocks to progress that need to die and die quickly. The hatred is palpable.


Carlson ends by stating that “Donald Trump, in other words, is and has always been a living indictment of the people who run this country…Trump rose because they failed.” So when you see the media and their elitist analysts who claim ownership of this nation snarling at Trump supporters tonight, remember that they are the reason we are here in the first place. That’s not going away no matter what the results of the election are.

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