Biden's Closing Argument: Something About Black Athletes at a Country Club Pool, Was Like 'The Green Mile'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

This may be my last article in a while covering Biden’s mental breakdowns. It’s certain that if he wins the election tonight (or in the coming days), he’ll immediately be escorted back to the basement until the inauguration. With no campaign left to wage, the rush to cover up his senility will be in full swing.


But before the doors are closed, Biden left us with one more head-scratching, probably racist rant to capstone this election cycle.

I’m sorry, what? Since when did black athletes play ball at country club pools back in the 60s? Is he mixing up stories here? If he played basketball with these guys, how did he not know them? The reference to ‘The Green Mile’ is especially perplexing though. It’s also kind of racist.

How exactly is playing sports with black people the equivalent of ‘The Green Mile?’ I’m really thinking hard to understand how being a lifeguard at a country club pool is at all like a prison for black men sentenced to death. It’s like he was playing intersectional Mad Libs in his head and this nonsense just came out.


In reality, it’s unlikely much of anything said here is true. Biden is a notorious fabulist. His entire career has been spent making things up to make him seem cooler, more experienced, and more capable than the rest. That he’s been so blatant in his lying has made it all the weirder.

Regardless, with polls closing across the country, this is what you have to look forward to if Biden pulls out this victory. Honestly, I wonder what happens when he goes fully senile. Do Democrats remove him from office? I doubt it. Instead, I’d guess there will be a huge cover up of his condition while Kamala Harris runs the country until 2024. That’s not something anyone should want. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you to go vote accordingly at this point. That time has passed, and now we find out the country’s fate.

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