Something Happened at Trump's Rally Last Night that Should Single-Handedly Win Him the Election

There’s a heavy emphasis on the word “should” here, but in a more just world, this would wrap things up for the President as we enter election day tomorrow.


Last night, Trump barnstormed the country, doing five rallies in a single day. If that has ever happened before, at least in regards to the geographic breadth, it has to be exceptionally rare. The last rally happened in Florida, beginning around midnight because this guy has absolutely no quit in him. I’m not sure there has ever been a starker contrast in a previous election than what we are seeing this year between Trump displaying unlimited passion and energy vs. a guy in Joe Biden who can barely manage to leave his basement (and when he does, we get mind melts like this).

But it wasn’t just that the rally happened that made it newsworthy. One segment involving Dr. Anthony Fauci stood above the rest because it may be the most important action that this country could take over the next several months.

I don’t think you need me to translate that for you. If Trump is re-elected, he essentially just indicated that Fauci is going to be shown the door and kicked off the COVID task force, and if the President weren’t going to do anything else in his next four years, that would be enough to justify putting him back in the White House.


Fauci is currently auditioning for the Biden administration, making the media rounds trashing Trump and predicting doom for the winter. He’s also been heavily promoting massive, long lock downs again as a possible solution to any new outbreaks. This is not following the science. It’s taking a dull butcher’s knife to the heart of the nation while ignoring all the evidence that lock downs and masks are largely ineffective, if not counter-productive in some instances. Yet, that’s exactly what Fauci is promoting.

Ok, I’ve decided. I don’t want Fauci’s politically motivated “science” anywhere near making decisions for my family. I believe most of the country agrees, as the appetite for more lock downs and useless mandates is clearly not there among a majority of the citizenry. That Joe Biden is promoting to make Fauci the top dog on this issue if he wins should absolutely seal the deal for Trump. I’m not saying it will, and I’m a natural cynic, but anyone voting for that should seriously reconsider everything about their political viewpoints. This country can not survive another months long lock down that does nothing but delay the inevitable. Europe is already making that mistake and they will once again pay the price. We should not follow suit.


There are an overwhelming amount of reasons to vote for Trump on Tuesday if you haven’t already voted. But there’s perhaps none bigger than the reality that Fauci will be cast aside into obscurity if the President is re-elected. Vote accordingly.

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