Watch: Dementia Joe Strikes Again, Confuses a Chicken for an Eagle In Pathetic Pander Attempt

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

If you are going to pander, you should probably at least know the difference between a chicken and an eagle, right?

Joe Biden has apparently not learned that lesson though. The famously gaffe prone and likely dementia ridden candidate took the stage in Pennsylvania today and tried to pretend he’s a sacred son of the state. Biden has often acted as if his childhood stay in Scranton gave him some visceral connection to blue collar workers. Of course, Biden is a career politician who has spent almost all of life living as a white collar schlub in the elitist enclave of Delaware

Regardless, with only days before the election and Pennsylvania being a major prize, Biden decided to play the role of pander-bear. Then this happened.

This guy looked at his jacket, saw a chicken, and then decided to tell a bunch of people from Pennsylvania that it’s actually an Eagle and proof of his fandom of the NFL team the Philadelphia Eagles. I mean, it’s hilarious, but it’s also almost uncomfortable to watch. This is not normal.

My five year old could tell the difference between the two animals in that picture, never mind that these are also football logos, which makes them even more identifiable. I’m not sure what’s worse. That Biden made this mistake, or that he actually thinks this is an effective strategy for winning over Pennsylvania voters. Eagles supporters are absolutely fanatical, and I can’t imagine having their favorite team’s mascot being confused for a chicken does any good with convincing them Biden is one of their own.

The rest of Biden’s speech was equally as pathetic. If anyone calls him Pennsylvania’s “third Senator,” it’ll be the first time. But this is a guy who’s no stranger to simply making stuff up. Biden is notorious for fluffing himself, his past, and his resume by repeating completely false assertions, never mind the plagiarism that has plagued his career.

But this guy wants to be president. Does that seem like a good idea to anyone?

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