Noted Uniter of the People Joe Biden Trashes Trump Supporters as His Closing Argument

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden is going to unite us all in a beautiful symphony of citizenship. That’s at least what his campaign, the media, and Never Trumpers everywhere assure us of. You see, Biden is just “fundamentally decent” or something, and don’t you dare question it.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Biden has run a divisive, angry campaign whereby he’s trashed his opponents, leaned into corrosive wokeism, and done little to show he has any intention of bringing people together.

Hence this being his closing argument as he wraps up his campaign schedule.

Biden was annoyed that Trump supporters showed up to offer some resistance to his coronation, and like he’s done all cycle, when people annoy him, he lashes out. Who can forget him almost starting a physical fight with a blue collar worker because of a question on guns? Or the hilarious, yet disturbing “lying, dog faced pony soldier” moment? Then there was Biden calling a Democrat voter “fat” and challenging him to a push-up contest. Never mind the rash hostility he’s displayed when a few journalists dared to ask him about he and his son’s corrupt business dealings.

To say that Biden is volatile is a completely fair characterization of it. It also happens to fly in the face of the gentle, empathetic presentation so many of his supporters like to claim as fact.

I’ll ask a hypothetical here that we all know the answer to. Would Biden call left-wing protesters “ugly” if they showed up to counter-protest a Trump rally? Of course he wouldn’t because he hasn’t despite having multiple chances to denounce actual violence from groups like Antifa and BLM. But let some Trump supporters decide to express themselves by honking their horns and the insults start flying.

Of course, the fact that more Trump supporters showed up for Biden’s event than his own probably didn’t have him in too good a mood.

“Listen, fat” cries out from the ethos of Biden’s unitary uniting which seeks to unite us all.

Let’s be real, no matter what happens on Tuesday (or nine days after thanks to the Supreme Court’s ridiculous rulings), there will be no coming together as a nation. I don’t say that with glee, but simply as a recognition of the reality of the situation. If Trump wins, cities are going to burn and the left will simply double down. If Biden wins, conservatives won’t tear stuff up because we never do, but the left will only grow more hostile and emboldened, splitting the country further. Joe Biden is not capable of fixing that, and he’s shown no desire to even attempt to do so. Any assertion to the contrary is just wish-casting and myth making.

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