CNN Plays the Fool After Laughable 'Anonymous' Reveal

Yesterday, the infamous ‘Anonymous’ op-ed writer revealed himself to be a low-level DHS toady named Miles Taylor. The most common response to the news was to ask “who?” This came after years of speculation that it was actually someone as high in the Trump administration as Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, or Jared Kushner (see Infamous ‘Anonymous’ Op-Ed Writer and Trump Official Reveals Himself, and It’s Hilarious)


In other words, the media were played for fools. And while The New York Times bears the brunt of that for knowing who Miles Taylor was and still publishing his op-ed under the guise of him being a “senior level” official, perhaps no one looks more foolish than CNN.

This is a network which went wild with speculation when the op-ed was first written. In typical fashion, they spun crazy conspiracy theories to justify the anti-Trump hit as being exceptionally important, which leads us to the world “lodestar.” The use of that term had CNN convinced that the op-ed had been written by VP Mike Pence.

All that’s missing are the tin-foil hats. These people are worse than QAnon ever dreamed of being. One’s a message board conspiracy pushed by trolls while the “lodestar” idiocy was pushed by supposed journalists at a major cable news network. Of course, CNN has never met a wild, anti-Trump conspiracy they didn’t love, so it’s unsurprising they would run with this.

But it wasn’t just CNN’s turning into the left-wing version of old radio show ‘Coast to Coast’ that left egg on their face. While the latter’s theories about aliens and time travel were at least entertaining, CNN decided to hire Taylor as a contributor because they apparently wanted to complete the circle of hilarity.


That meant that Taylor was put on air to lie to the face of CNN anchors about whether he was ‘Anonymous’ or not.

Why do these guys always look like this? But I digress.

It appears that CNN is not going to fire Taylor for what he did on their airwaves. That shouldn’t be too shocking given they also failed to discipline or fire a guy who literally pleasured himself on a work Zoom call (sorry, that’s the most PG descriptor I could think of). Apparently, the only thing that will get you fired from CNN is supporting Trump. As you can see, the network’s standards are extremely high.

Lastly, let’s note that CNN published Taylor’s claims of being a “senior-level” official with deep influence advising the President without verifying any of it. Right now, they and other mainstream outlets are refusing to report the on record claims and verified documents presented by Tony Bobulinski, yet Taylor’s nonsense grift got oodles of airtime because it fit the orange man bad narrative. That’s real journalism or something.


That CNN won’t take action now against Taylor for lying to viewers only makes their shamelessness more pathetic. This is not a real news network. It’s a propaganda outlet that will quite literally say, do, and put up with anything as long as it targets a Republican. They have no standards whatsoever, and while it’s a pitiful scene to witness, being made the fool here is well deserved given CNN’s choices.

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