Dr. Birx Rips the Mask off and Goes After Scott Atlas

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Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator, speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Wednesday, April 22, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Dr. Deborah Birx has been less combative and openly partisan compared to Dr. Anthony Fauci, but that doesn’t mean she’s any more open minded. According to a new report, which itself is rife with false, biased information, Birx has gone after Dr. Scott Atlas, attempting to get him fired from the coronavirus task force. More recently, she apparently praised the decision by Twitter to ban Atlas for posting factual information on masks.

It is scary and unacceptable that anybody in Birx’s position would praise Twitter rushing to censor a government official for saying inconvenient truths about masks. As I wrote in my original article on Atlas’ suspension, every link he shared was conveying the latest science on the matter, not the religious dogma that Birx and Fauci continue to espouse — because they think you are too stupid to make decisions on your own. One of the links was even from the World Health Organization, which social media companies have formerly asserted as the authoritative source on COVID-related issues.


Yet, CNN described Atlas’ posts like this.

“Masks work? NO,” Atlas wrote, followed by a series of misrepresentations about the science behind the effectiveness of masks in combating the pandemic.

The tweet and its subsequent removal comes as coronavirus cases spike across the US and other members of the task force have taken to the airwaves to urge Americans to heed basic mitigation strategies, including mask usage and social distancing.

Do these people really not see the disconnect? If cases are spiking, even as we are the most “masked up” at any point in the pandemic, then isn’t that yet more evidence that masks are largely ineffective in controlling rates of spread? Or is scientific data that doesn’t fit a certain narrative now out of bounds? Further, many countries with far less masking are seeing far less infections. Where’s the correlation? Why does Birx not have to provide any, given her hostility here towards converse positions? The CNN article continued:

She suggested the task force is frustrated by Atlas’ ability to find obscure information, label it as data and “present (it) to the President as scientific evidence,” an almost insurmountable challenge.

“If he likes the sound of it, he believes it,” Birx has said of Trump.


Weird, because that sounds just like the current motivation behind the hysterical devotion to masks, even in situations where they clearly provide no benefit at all. If it sounds good and covers a bureaucrat’s rear end, then it’s a position worth taking — actual science be damned. Also, since when is the WHO, an organization often praised by Birx, an “obscure” source?

This is why Joe Biden losing is so important. Yes, there are very serious policy issues unrelated to the pandemic on the table. Those are also reasons to vote for Trump. But there is something incredibly dangerous about seeing Fauci and Birx re-elevated under Biden, given their inability to take criticism and their support for things like lock downs, despite all the evidence that says they are ineffective and only delay the inevitable. Being ruled by the decree of bureaucrats is not American. It’s not what anyone should want.

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