Dr. Fauci Enters the Lack of Self-Awareness Hall of Fame

AP Photo/Evan Vucci


If there was ever a case study for why Republicans can’t stand bureaucrats, Dr. Anthony Fauci is it. After being given the benefit of the doubt for months, Fauci couldn’t simply stick to his job, instead opting to become a cable news super star and administration critic. Exacerbating this issue is that Fauci has been so consistently wrong about so much, yet he’s shown zero humility at all.

Perhaps not content with his current position, Fauci wanted to make sure he was a sure fire, stone cold, lead pipe lock for the lack of self-awareness half of fame. That’s how you get this idiocy.

Of note is that this is a favorite Democrat talking point, which is not surprising given Fauci’s political leanings. The charge that anyone who dares question bureaucratic orthodoxy is somehow “anti-science” is a cheap cop-out from having to argue real data and provide real evidence for one’s position. Fauci has become an expert on that, spouting proven falsehoods about a multitude of topics, most prominently lock downs and mask wearing.

In the above clip, the context is likely that it is Fauci taking a shot at Scott Atlas, who was recently banned from Twitter for sharing completely factual information about when masks are useful and when they are just vanity (see Twitter Bans White House Advisor Scott Atlas for Telling an Inconvenient Truth). On the topic of masks, that was a major issue that Fauci consistently got wrong, or worse, lied about. In the first few months of the pandemic, Fauci was staunchly anti-mask. Now, he treats them as the golden key for all ills, which is a common tactic of government apparatchiks. When they have no real solution, they latch onto something they claim is a solution in order to cover their own backside. That way they can say they “did something” no matter how things actually turn out.

As I’ve shared many times, mask wearing has been shown largely ineffective by multiple studies, and more importantly by the data we see coming in from countries across the world. If someone chooses to personally wear one all the time, more power to them. It’s a free country. But this 1984-esque environment where all factual information that goes against ritual mask wearing is banned and shunned is dangerous for our discourse.

Regardless, the level of arrogance it takes for someone as ineffective as Fauci to proclaim others as “anti-science” is through the roof. As I started the article with, this is exactly why so many on the right distrust bureaucrats. They hide behind the façade of impartiality while raking in fat checks to be partisan actors. Fauci has followed that path to the letter, prioritizing his CNN career over actually giving consistent, valuable information to the public.

Given that reality, his lack of self-awareness is just astonishing.

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