Twitter Bans White House Advisor Scott Atlas for Telling an Inconvenient Truth

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Twitter’s censorship of Republican viewpoints continues. Earlier last week, multiple social media sites banned the distribution of a factual story involving Hunter Biden’s emails, some of which came from an abandoned laptop while others came from business associates. Not only was linking to various stories stopped, but multiple users were suspended for taking screenshots of the article and posting it.

Now, White House advisor Scott Atlas, who is a major player on the coronavirus task force, has been banned from Twitter for sharing an inconvenient truth. You see, he dared to suggest that masks are not magical strips of cloth that forever protect one from all ailments, but rather they should be used in ways that actually have some scientific backing.

Here you can see a picture of the tweet in question.

Atlas had also tweeted out links to various studies backing his point, including the most recent guidance from the all knowing WHO, an organization that Twitter claims as authoritative when it meets their narrative.

As I’ve shared many times before, masks show little correlation to spread rates. In fact, some of the most heavily masked up countries in the world, including the United States, continue to see far higher rates of infection that many countries that rarely use masks. The science behind the idea that a cheap piece of cloth is protecting you is extremely thin, to the point of being almost non-existent. That masks have become such a religious rite, to the point where NBC harassed the President for 15 minutes at his recent town hall about them, is just ridiculous.

But this is all made worse by the fact that social media giants won’t even allow the expression of obviously true ideas. Atlas is correct about how masks should be used, if they are to be used at all (and I tend to think they’ve been largely shown to be pointless). If you are close to someone, sure whatever, wear your mask. But there is zero reason to wear them outside, while socially distanced, with family, etc.

What Twitter is doing is going to cost them in the long run, and they’ll deserve every lashing they get. Banning a White House advisor over a factual tweet, one which included scientific evidence via studies, is a terrible suppression of the arena of ideas. But all must bow at the altar of the almighty mask I guess.

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