Watch: Supercut Shows Democrats' Ridiculous Behavior Towards Amy Coney Barrett, and the Media's Hypocrisy

Erin Schaff/The New York Times via AP, Pool


Remember like five minutes ago when the media and the greater left had a collective meltdown over Kamala Harris being interrupted a few times at the vice presidential debate? A barrage of editorials and cable news hits went forth decrying the gross sexism of Mike Pence and his supposed “mansplaining.”

(see Mike Pence Destroyed Kamala Harris, and the Media Settle on a Pathetic Excuse)

Well, apparently those rules only apply to Democrats. Amy Coney Barrett endured several days of hearings over her Supreme Court nomination, and we now have a supercut showing just how ridiculous the behavior by the Democrat Senators was.

Even better, the video is intertwined with media members losing their crap over Harris being debated with at a debate.

As far as I can see, McDaniel is right. Not a single media member who pranced around with their hair on fire after the VP debate made one statement of concern for Amy Coney Barrett being constantly interrupted and chastised by morons who know far less than she does about the law.

Weird, right?

Of course, Barrett doesn’t need their protection or sympathy. She’s a strong, confident woman who has more knowledge in her little finger than Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse can muster on his best day. She was able to take their barrage and make them look like clowns in the process. That’s part of the reason she’s risen in popularity the past week. The more people see her, the more they like her.

That’s the mark of a person who is actually good at their job. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is probably still in the corner mumbling “I’m speaking” as I write this. Someone of her inability doesn’t have much to fall back on.

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