Insane: MSNBC's Chris Hayes Wants a 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission' to Punish Trump Voters

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This seems a bit much, don’t you think?

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who rivals Rachel Maddow at times for his idiotic, conspiratorial takes involving Donald Trump, thinks he has a great idea of how to punish Trump voters and surrogates once the election is over.


To be clear, Schlapp’s point is actually valid. We’ve been assured that the only reason Trump got COVID is because he didn’t wear a mask at times. Masks have become a religious rite on the left at this point. Given that, if Trump was masked up and his detail had N95s on (the only mask that supposedly fully protects from the virus), then what exactly is the issue? The issue is of course that Democrats want to spin whatever narrative benefits them at the time. Masks are the golden ticket until Trump wears one, and then they don’t matter and he’s still trying to kill people.

Regardless, these people want you in camps, and if they had the power to do it today, does anyone doubt they wouldn’t make it happen? What in the world is a “truth and reconciliation” commission anyway? I’m assuming the idea here is to drag Trump supporters before Congress and have them repent for their sins in true Stalin fashion. What happens if they don’t?


I mean, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, well you know the saying. Democrats seem to have an obsession with top down cohesion when it comes to political viewpoints. We’ve seen Trump targeted directly in this way, with wishes from many in the media to see him thrown in jail over partisan disagreements. You don’t see this from the right. When is the last time a Republican figure in the media or in national politics suggested re-educating Democrats because they think so wrongly? I can’t recall that ever happening, at least not in modern history.

Besides, we’ve seen this script before.

That anyone who has a show on a major news network could say this with a straight face and not think “wait a second?” just astonishes me. That’s even more true given that Hayes was just whining about how much he thinks Trump is behaving in a Soviet manner. This was just three days ago.


What has a Soviet feel to it is insanely suggesting dragging people before a “truth” commission because you lost one election and can’t handle not being in power. If a Fox News personality suggested this about a Democrat, it’d be major news. But it’s quite literally par for the course from the left. It is what it is. Buy guns and ammo just to be safe.

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