Democrats Push Disgustingly Insane Amy Coney Barrett Conspiracy Theory, Attack Her Children

(Robert Franklin /South Bend Tribune via AP, File)
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FILE – In this May 19, 2018 file photo, Amy Coney Barrett, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit judge, speaks during the University of Notre Dame’s Law School commencement ceremony at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. Barrett is one of four judges thought to be President Donald Trump’s top contenders to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. (Robert Franklin /South Bend Tribune via AP, File)


If you wanted a preview of what is to come once Amy Coney Barret is almost certainly nominated to the Supreme Court today, last night and this morning offered a sneak peek at some of the disgusting attacks that will be pushed. Apparently, the fact that Barret has adopted children from Haiti is just the kind of thing Democrats are hoping to make an issue.

If you thought gang rape accusations against Kavanaugh were the line, the left are ready to jump across it.

That clown used to work for Wendy Davis, former twinkling star of the left after she wore pink tennis shoes to proclaim how much she supports killing babies in the womb. Davis became a folk hero among Democrats after that, and her taste in employees apparently match her taste in politics.

That was not the only person to run with that smear. Another large account also put out a long thread questioning whether Barrett’s adoptions from Haiti essentially amounted to human trafficking. That thread has since been deleted overnight.

Do Democrats really think voters are going to respond well to this? One of the best things about Barrett is her ability to articulate the aspects of her religious and family life. To be frank, I fully expect her to decapitate any Senator stupid enough to push insane conspiracy theories about those topics, though I suspect they’ll be smart enough to leave that to the mainstream media. It’s just a matter of time before the Times and the Post start dropping stories “just asking questions” about Barrett’s children. We already know they have multiple hit pieces on her religious views in the works. They are just waiting for the announcement today to drop them.


Ask yourself if suburban women are going to take too kindly to attacks on this woman’s children?

Of course, there are other aspects of this as well. While Barrett’s adoptions are unquestionably an act of love, some are suggesting that interracial adoption is wrong in the first place. We’ve seen hints of that narrative over the last several years from the left. To see it become even more mainstream is disturbing.

This entire thing just makes you want to shake your head. Barrett is truly courageous to even put herself through this if indeed she’s nominated today. But from everything I’ve seen, she’s strong enough to overcome the attacks. In hindsight, I believe Democrats are going to deeply regret their coming actions. I also believe it’s going to backfire electorally. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.


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