Nancy Pelosi Goes Full Dementia Joe In Wild Interview Clip

Nancy Pelosi Goes Full Dementia Joe In Wild Interview Clip
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky


Is Nancy Pelosi nipping at Joe Biden’s heels as far as her mental capacity goes? It’s starting to seem like it. Sure, we’ve seen various examples recently of her slurring her words and constantly sucking on her teeth. She also often goes into weird rants that make no sense. Her inability to control her anger in public is noteworthy as well.

But this latest clip really takes the cake, and I’m not trying to click-bait here. Watch it for yourself. It’s like her brain just rebooted in the middle of the interview.

If you can’t watch, what you see is Pelosi repeating talking points and then George Stephanopoulos asking her another question. Instead of answering it, she stares blankly for a few seconds into the camera. Then out of nowhere just fumbles out a “good morning…Sunday morning” while trying to hold back a giggle. It’s legitimately one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen during a political interview.

That we have people in positions of power who are so clearly compromised is pretty terrifying. Pelosi is second in line for the presidency and she’s blanking out in the middle of interviews like this? This is a woman who looks more suited for a nursing home than being Speaker of the House. That this is the brilliant strategist that the media can’t help but froth over constantly seems rather ridiculous at the point.

Seriously, someone needs to do a wellness check here. What’s on that clip isn’t normal. If that were Donald Trump, CNN would be running “experts” wall to wall, all day proclaiming him unfit for the job. Pelosi is not well, and she should probably do everyone a favor and retire.

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