Watch: 'Protester' Jumps On Police Car In Sacramento, Immediately and Deeply Regrets It

Watch: 'Protester' Jumps On Police Car In Sacramento, Immediately and Deeply Regrets It
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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. A “protester” in Sacramento, CA learned that lesson the hard way this afternoon. The incident happened outside of a Trump event where he spoke on the wildfires and met with Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The crowd eventually began attacking cars and a California Highway Patrol vehicle was idling nearby. As people began to surround the vehicle, one shining star decided to climb up onto the hood. It did not go well.

Here’s the video. A fair warning if don’t want to see a guy hit the pavement pretty hard.

And here’s the scene afterward and another angle of what happened.

All of this is just so unnecessary. The police cruiser was not piling through the crowd. In fact, it was sitting still until it was attacked. At the point a man climbs on the car, there’s little choice at that point but to leave the scene before things get worse. That’s exactly what happened. This guy was not ran over. He instigated the situation and learned the hard way why you don’t climb on people’s vehicles and make them feel threatened.

This kind of anarchy can not continue. This is not protest. It’s lawless, unacceptable behavior that’s going to lead to more people getting hurt. No one has a right to block a roadway and attempt to entrap someone in their car, nor does the driver have an obligation to sit there as its happening. This crowd had every chance to disperse and stop harassing others. They chose not to.

And now a man has a busted face as a reminder of that.

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