Ted Cruz Is Accused of Pushing QAnon Conspiracies, He Responds With Fire

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Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas, speaks to the media during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)


You’ve probably noticed a trend lately regarding anything the left-wing doesn’t like. Deflections to QAnon have become a catch-all to try to shut down dissent on many issues, and the ‘Cuties’ controversy is no exception. As Republicans have begun to speak out against what may indeed be illegal exploitation of children, liberals took to the social media to proclaim it all one big “conspiracy,” on par with nonsense like ‘Pizza-gate.’

RedState has written extensively on the controversy itself and why it’s so disturbing. Netflix is an American based company and is subject to U.S. laws on the sexual exploitation of minors. Ted Cruz brought that up and immediately got attacked as being a QAnon pusher because they have no good answer to their defense of what is basically child porn.

Cruz responded forcefully.

I like the use of direct language here. Cruz doesn’t waffle, and to be sure, Republicans absolutely can not waffle on an issue like this. This is not a time for “decorum” or the normal milquetoast response. It’s a time to call promotion of pedophilia what it is.

By the way, has Mitt Romney commented on Cuties? You’d think the GOP pope, who has made it his mission to lash out at any supposed moral failing on the part of other Republicans would be front and center to help fight this culture battle. Yet, he’s been strangely silent as far as I can see. I suppose I could have just missed it?


On the topic of QAnon, this was always a fire that was fanned by some less than forward thinking conservative commentators. The same people who promoted the idea of the “alt-right” without recognizing they were tying themselves to a movement that had nothing to do with them have also been guilty of running out to spew about QAnon. It is not an issue anyone on the right should own or have to answer for. It is a fringe, internet conspiracy theory that’s probably more troll than true believer. Yet, too many on the right continually get sucked into accepting the left’s premise. It should surprise no one when they then try to use that granted premise against their political opponents. That’s what’s happened with QAnon.

Regardless, I’m happy to see figures like Cruz pull no punches on this. His opponents are quite literally excusing child porn, and Cruz holds every bit of the moral high ground to speak against what Netflix has done. We need more backbone like that in party and less Mitt Romney.

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