Germany Puts a Gun to Its Own Head and Tells the U.S. to Jump in a Lake

Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP


China’s malfeasance is nothing new on the world stage. It’s also one of the most important things that President Trump has brought to light during his tenure. Even before unleashing a global pandemic, the communists were aggressively making moves to exert influence, both economically and militarily. And, of course, you can’t just ignore what they did with the coronavirus, which has now likely cost millions of lives across the globe, even if official counts may lag.

Given all that, you’d expect that the United States could count on its allies when it comes to trying to rein in China. Instead, we get cowardly garbage like this from countries that refuse to pay for their own defense while they lecture us from their faux moral high ground.

You know what’s a danger for international stability? A powerful China. This isn’t complicated, nor is it debatable. Yet, Germany, a supposed friend of the United States, is willing to put the gun up to their own head.

I suppose there’s some irony in the fact that a country that once ran concentration camps and killed over 10 million Jews and other minority groups would now run interference for a country using the same techniques to exterminate Muslims within their midst. That doesn’t make it any more understandable or right.

Germany is not some small, insignificant country, despite its disgusting 20th century past. They have risen again to essentially be the leader of the EU, leeching off of other members by taking advantage of a stagnant currency. They’ve also managed to leech off the United States, demanding our subservience and protection while they continually spit in our face. When President Trump demanded they pay more into NATO, they made mostly false promises while seeking to attack him.

Now, as the world enters a new phase, with China clearly the number one threat to the world, Germany is once against bending the knee with cowardice. They won’t stand up and do what is right because they are too busy seeking short term economic gains to prop up their paper mâché power structure that they’ve chosen to inexcusably link to the likes of Russia and China.

Republicans often fret about a possible damaging of NATO, asserting that such would lead to certain doom. Yet, I can find no better reason to reform NATO than Germany’s behavior. The status quo is only allowing China to grow more powerful, and they have no intention of sitting idly on that power. This is just another example of all the “experts” being so horrifically wrong.

If Trump wins a second term, reining in certain NATO allies and changing the system that has so abused America’s trust and generosity should be a top priority.

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