The New York Times Does Insane White-Wash of the Portland Murderer, Calls Him 'De-Escalation' Expert

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We all know the mainstream media are mostly dishonest actors pushing partisan narratives at all times, but there are some days where you still have to look on and shake your head. Today is one of those days.

The New York Times did a write-up on the death of Michael Reinoehl (see Details of ‘100% Antifa’ Portland Shooter’s Death Emerge) after he was killed in a shoot-out with U.S. Marshals last night. Reinoehl is the murderer who shot an unarmed Trump supporter in cold blood in Portland last Saturday. How the Times describes him is just incredible.

Oh, so he’s just a “de-escalation” expert. That’s why he hunted down and shot a guy at point blank range over a political disagreement, and one what wasn’t even stated out loud. Reinoehl targeted a man simply because of what he assumed about that person’s politics. No expert in “de-escalation” does that, yet the Times repeats that nonsense with no push back.

You’ll also notice that they scrubbed the sub-headline because it originally mentioned he supported Antifa. We wouldn’t want a group of violent anarchists being connected to a murderer who was a member of their movement now would we? It’s so absurd.

CNN also tried this line, claiming that though Reinoehl claimed to be “100% Antifa,” that he didn’t say he was a member of any specific Antifa group, as if these nutjobs write their name on a sign up sheet like it’s a day camp or something.

This seems prudent.

This entire thing is giving me serious “Austere Religious Scholar” flashbacks. How any media outlet could write such a white-washed, almost glowing piece about a murderer is beyond me. Also not that they had no problem smearing the victim as a right-wing extremist in the same article.

The media are truly the enemies of the people. I have no qualms with that language at this point, and anyone that does should get their head out of the sand.

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