Pelosi's Stylist Lawyers up as the Shameful Attacks on the Salon Owner Intensify

Pelosi's Stylist Lawyers up as the Shameful Attacks on the Salon Owner Intensify


Nancy Pelosi got caught red-handed two days ago violating the law and breaking coronavirus guidelines. She did so by going to get a “blow-out” at a salon in San Francisco. She was filmed on a security camera not wearing a mask as well. My colleague Kira Davis wrote the initial story on that, so be sure to check it out here.

Perhaps worse than the hypocrisy and elitism shown by going to get her hair done in the first place, Pelosi has now decided to double down by slandering the owner of the salon. Becca Lower covered her incredible response last night. Pelosi called her being caught breaking the rules a setup and has now turned the full force of the media against Erica Kious.

Here’s CNN’s resident liberal hack (credit to Martha McSally) parroting Pelosi’s talking points and revealing that the hairdresser who did the job has lawyered up.

This is just shameful. That any media outlet would repeat these kinds of accusations without evidence is nuts. This isn’t a public figure we are talking about. This is a small business owner with no notoriety who’s now getting death threats from the crazies on the left. CNN is apparently happy to dump fuel on that fire with no push back at all. Any news organization with any integrity would be calling Pelosi out here, not running interference for her. But that’s exactly what’s happening.

Meanwhile, Pelosi herself isn’t trying to calm tensions either. In fact, she now appears to be in the midst of a coordinated hit on Erica Kious given what’s contained in the above letter. Why does a hairdresser need a lawyer? These are questions the media should be asking but won’t because they are so in the tank.

What Pelosi did was Washington D.C. in a nutshell. These politicians live by a different set of rules. They’ll crush your livelihood without a thought while sneaking in the backdoor to get their hair blow-dried. That Pelosi won’t be held accountable is yet another testament to how garbage our politics are.

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